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When a loved one passes away, your family must go through probate in before you can distribute their assets. If you've been named the executor of the estate, it's your job to make sure the probate process goes smoothly.

Funderburk and Associates PLLC understands the grief and turmoil that can arise from a loved one's death. You should be focused on healing, not probate law problems. When you work with an attorney from our law firm, you can rely on us to guide you and your family through probate issues with the utmost care.

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Simplify the probate process

Simplify the probate process

In order to pass along their assets, most people rely on wills and trusts to create a valid estate plan. Wills and trusts allow individuals to set their final wishes in stone and, in some cases, protect their assets from taxes or creditors. A probate law attorney can help you:

  • Alert all beneficiaries
  • Alert creditors, if necessary
  • Handle all the documents
  • Mediate familial disputes

Reach out to Funderburk and Associates in Tulsa, OK now to get started on the probate process. Did your loved one not prepare a will? We'll help you navigate court proceedings on your family's behalf.